Getting Started

Requesting accommodations is a 3-part process:

1. Self-Identification

University students are responsible for identifying themselves as a person with a disability. At S&T this is done through the Student Accessibility and Testing office.

To self-identify with SAT, complete an application in minerAccess. For assistance with the application, please see the minerAccess Application Guide or contact the Student Accessibility and Testing at


2. Providing Disability Documentation

You can submit documentation directly into minerAccess or submit it to be uploaded to your application. Contact with any questions about documentation.

Documentation Guidelines 

3. Intake Interview

Once SAT has received your application and documentation, we will contact you to schedule an intake interview. In this interview, an accommodation advisor will talk with you about your previous educational experiences, past accommodations, what has been effective and ineffective in providing access, and the next steps.

Questions or Concerns

If you have questions or concerns at any point in this process, an Accommodation Advisor would be happy to talk with you. Contact SAT at to schedule an appointment.

Accommodations for A&R Day and Other New Student Events

If you would like to request accommodations for your A&R Day, math placement test, and/or any new student event, complete a Voluntary Disclosure of Disability (VDD) Form. When we receive your VDD form, we’ll contact you to discuss your accommodation needs for PRO.

Residential Life and Dietary Accommodations

Students requesting dietary, residential, and/or emotional support animal accommodations should follow the process described above in the "Getting Started" section.

Documentation for residential and dietary accommodations must include a diagnostic statement and address the disability-related need for the accommodation requested. 

Current Accommodated Students

Using Approved Accommodations

Once you have been approved for accommodations, you will receive a student eligibility letter along with information about faculty notification letters.

Each semester, you must request which accommodation(s) you will use for each class.

Accommodated Students


Accommodation advisors work with students to provide reasonable and appropriate accommodations dependent upon each individual situation. Some of the more common accommodation requests are listed below.

This includes accommodations such as extended time and testing in a reduced distraction environment.

You must talk with your instructor about whether they plan for you to take your accommodated tests in the Testing Center. The Testing Center must receive confirmation from your instructor before you will be able to test in the Testing Center.

Testing Center

This accommodation is designed to minimize barriers that may exist with lecture format. It provides students with access to lecture information that may be missed. It can be carried out in a number of ways including access to presentation slides prior to class and a provision to audio record lectures.

Most often, this accommodation provides students with access to texts that can be read with an e-reader or converted into enlarged print.

Students with accommodations through Student Accessibility and Testing (SAT) may find that testing organizations offering professional certification or graduate entrance exams may not provide the same accommodations as Missouri S&T.

Requirements to receive exam accommodations will vary between testing organizations. Students should look at the requirements well in advance (6 months to a year) of scheduling an exam. Particular attention should be paid to documentation requirements.

Student Accessibility and Testing may be able to create a letter to verify the accommodations you received while at Missouri S&T or complete a form for a testing organization. Sometimes completing these forms will require that SAT to verify that the documentation on file with our office meets specific criteria. If the documentation we have on file does not meet the required criteria, we will be unable to complete the form.

Students should communicate directly with the testing organization regarding accommodations for professional certification or graduate entrance exams.

To request an accommodation letter or verification form, please contact Student Accessibility and Testing at

For a more comprehensive list of accommodations see the link below. 

Types of Accommodations