Getting Started

Missouri S&T students who are new to Student Accessibility will need to complete the following 3-step process to request accommodations.

Note to New Students:  

Information about requesting a disability related accommodation for the math placement exam or new student events can be found on our Incoming Students page.

Academic year accommodations may be requested when incoming students receive their Missouri S&T username and password. SAT team members are available to meet with you virtually so that the accommodation request process can be completed before your arrival on campus.

1. Self-Identification

University students are responsible for identifying themselves as a person with a disability. At S&T this is done through the Student Accessibility and Testing office.

To self-identify with SAT, complete an application in MinerAccess. For assistance with the application, please see the MinerAccess New Student Registration Guide or contact Student Accessibility and Testing at or (573) 341-6655.

MinerAccess Login

2. Providing Disability Documentation

In order to fully evaluate accommodation requests, appropriate third-party documentation is needed. You can upload your documentation to your application in MinerAccess. Documentation can also be sent by email or fax. Contact or (573) 341-6655 with any questions or concerns you may have about documentation.

While third-party documentation may be sufficient to establish the presence of a disability, documentation alone does not establish whether accommodations are reasonable. Documentation is taken into consideration but is not the definitive information used to make our final decisions. We consider multiple factors when exploring reasonable accommodations. An accommodation recommendation from a provider does not automatically bind Student Accessibility and Testing to approve and facilitate the accommodation.

Documentation Guidelines 

3. Intake Interview

Once we have received your application and documentation, we will contact you to schedule an intake interview. In this interview, an accommodation advisor will talk with you about your previous educational experiences, past accommodations, what has been effective and ineffective in providing access, and the next steps. Student Accessibility and Testing engages in an individualized, interactive process with each student requesting accommodations.

Questions or Concerns

If you have questions or concerns at any point in this process, an Accommodation Advisor would be happy to talk with you. Contact SAT at or (573) 341-6655 to schedule an appointment.

Math Placement, A&R Day, & other New Student Event Accommodations

If you would like to request accommodations for your A&R Day, math placement exam, and/or any new student event, complete a New Student Event & Activity Accommodation Form or contact us at or (573) 341-6655.

Residential Life and Dietary Accommodations

Students requesting dietary, residential, and/or emotional support animal accommodations should follow the process described above in the "Getting Started" section.

Documentation for residential and dietary accommodations must include a diagnostic statement and address the disability-related need for the accommodation requested. 

Current Accommodated Students

Using Approved Accommodations

Once you have been approved for accommodations, you will receive a student eligibility letter along with information about faculty notification letters.

Each semester, you must request which accommodation(s) you will use for each class.

Requesting Faculty Notification Letters