Student FAQ

Yes! We would be happy to meet with you during your PRO day or when you visit campus.  Our office is located in Norwood Hall in office G-10.

**Note:  We are able to meet with you via Zoom or Microsoft Teams for video-conferencing, if preferred. Please contact our office to schedule a meeting, by phone (573) 341-6655 or email:

Yes, if you would like them to.  According to FERPA, we ask the students to process a Release of Information (ROI) form to allow the SAT staff permission to communicate with parents.

No, the Section 504 plan and the Individualized Education Program (IEP) are for K-12th grade schooling.  Post-secondary educations are governed by the Americans with Disabilities Act.  However, a 504/IEP plan can be useful documentation for students requesting similar types of accommodations they used in high school.

Reminder: The range of accommodations and services may differ from previously used services in high school settings.

Temporary services are available if you have suffered an injury or illness accommodations can be approved based on the time the student needs to recover.  Our application process for temporary accommodations is the same. Contact us if you have any further questions.

The Faculty Notification Letter is a letter from the Student Accessibility and Testing (SAT) office. This letter includes the specific academic accommodations a student has been approved to use for the semester. The student is responsible for delivering their FNL to each of their instructors in a timely manner, preferably before the class starts.

For instructors on how to request your FNL please visit this page:

Current Students

Reminder: Accommodations are never retroactive. 

No, you must submit your Faculty Notification Letter (FNL) request in minerAccess for each semester you choose to use your approved accommodations. 

No, the SAT does not share any information regarding your disability to any staff or faculty members. Your FNL only states the accommodations that you are approved for. It is your decision to provide your disability information to your instructors, but it is not required.

Yes, in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) staff and faculty are mandated to provide accommodations.  If you are concerned or have any issues with your accommodations please contact our office right away.  By phone (573) 341-6655 or email:

No, we recommend that students are self-advocates and register with our office but they are not required to use accommodations.

Yes, if you are experiencing new/different barriers we can discuss and modify your accommodations. Contact our office to make an appointment to speak with an advisor, by phone (573) 341-6655 or email:

Students with accommodations through Student Accessibility and Testing (SAT) may find that testing organizations offering professional certification or graduate entrance exams may not provide the same accommodations as Missouri S&T.

Requirements to receive exam accommodations will vary between testing organizations. Students should look at the requirements well in advance (6 months to a year) of scheduling an exam. Particular attention should be paid to documentation requirements.

Student Accessibility and Testing may be able to create a letter to verify the accommodations you received while at Missouri S&T or complete a form for a testing organization. Sometimes completing these forms will require that SAT to verify that the documentation on file with our office meets specific criteria. If the documentation we have on file does not meet the required criteria, we will be unable to complete the form.

Students should communicate directly with the testing organization regarding accommodations for professional certification or graduate entrance exams.

To request an accommodation letter or verification form, please contact Student Accessibility and Testing at