Faculty Frequently Asked Questions

SAT works with students with disabilities, as defined by ADA, to establish accommodations necessary to provide equitable access, remove barriers, and ensure nondiscrimination.

Each semester, students eligible for accommodations due to disability must request their faculty notification letters through MinerAccess. Our department will email requested faculty notification letters to course instructors. Each faculty notification letter lists the student’s approved academic accommodations.

Faculty notification letters may be sent at any time. But faculty and SAT reserve the right to require reasonable notice to implement accommodations.

Student Accessibility and Testing is unable to bulk email faculty notification letters for all students eligible for accommodations. Not all students choose to use all of their accommodations in all their classes. Students may find that their accommodations are not needed in a class. For example, a student with exam accommodations would not need to request faculty notification letters for a class that does not have exams. In situations like this, the student’s privacy would be violated if SAT sent an unrequested faculty notification letter.

SAT processes accommodation requests throughout the semester. Some faculty notification letters received in the middle of the semester are from students who recently established new accommodations.

You are only required to provide accommodations listed on the faculty notification letter. Students requesting additional or different accommodations should be referred to Student Accessibility and Testing. There may be situations where a student’s disability has changed, this may necessitate changes to their accommodations. SAT will work with the student to determine if a modification to the student’s accommodations is needed.

In situations like this, the student should be referred to Student Accessibility and Testing. The SAT team will assist the student with the accommodation request process or in cases where accommodations have previously been established, with requesting faculty notification letters.

No. Faculty are not required to retroactively apply accommodations.

Faculty should not deny an accommodation without discussing the accommodation and their concerns with Student Accessibility and Testing. Some accommodations, like extended time on exams, are reasonable under most circumstances. Others may require additional discussion between the instructor and SAT to determine whether the accommodation fundamentally alters a component of the course.

The goal of accommodation is to provide equitable access, remove barriers, and ensure nondiscrimination. The discussion of concerns related to an accommodation may include topics such as essential course learning objectives, course structure, barriers the accommodation addresses, and equally effective alternative accommodations.  If an equally effective alternative is considered the student will be consulted to determine if the alternative is truly effective in addressing the barriers.

If an accommodation is not reasonable for a course, other accommodations or means to facilitate access must be given full consideration.

If the Director of SAT and the faculty member are unable to come to an agreement regarding the implementation of an accommodation, the disagreement will be forwarded to the Chancellor or Designee for resolution in accordance with CRR 600.070.

If you have additional questions or would like to suggest an FAQ, please contact Student Accessibility and Testing at dss@mst.edu.